How to Recover Facebook Password Using Email and Phone Number

Facebook; being a conspicuous social media account, is being used by billions of people across the globe. Since the inception, its popularity has reached the new height despite cyber-threats looming on the internet world. As users are quite cautious about their account security, they keep changing the Facebook password on a regular basis. In doing so, they generally forget the same with no idea about Facebook password recovery.

If you change the Facebook password for security reasons, this is actually a good move. But doing the same act on a persistent basis may create problems. On top of that if you have no idea how to recover Facebook password, there can be a fuss. As several users do not provide essential information like secondary email account details as well as do not prefer to answer security question which they feel, is quite personal as per their perspective.

As if this is similar to your case as you’ve not provided the alternate email address nor have answered any security questions , still there are certain options available other than recovering Facebook password using email address.

Here are the certain steps to recover Facebook account in quick time:

  • Recognize Your Facebook account.

  • Recover Facebook password with registered Phone Number.

Step 1: Recognize Your Facebook Account

  • Look for the option “Find Your Account” upon opening Facebook website.

  • Enter the full name, phone number or address in the search section.

  • Press the “Search” button to fetch the list of Facebook profiles matching your name.

  • Identify your Facebook account with the image seen against the name.

  • Press the button “This is My Account” to open the recovery options

Step 2: Recover Your Facebook Account Password Using Phone Number

  • As the Facebook password recovery page is displayed on the web, you’ll find the option to get security code to recovery phone number.

  • Tick the radio button next to the option “Send Code at ***85”

  • Press ‘continue’ button and check your mobile phone to find the text message sent by Facebook

  • Enter the security code in the box and press ‘continue’ button

  • The Facebook password reset option appears on the next page. Just enter the case-sensitive password containing upper and lower characters, special symbols and numbers

  • Press ‘continue’ to access Facebook news feed page.

By following these above-mentioned steps, it’s proved that you can regain access to social media account easily. This is also regarded as the best option to recover Facebook password Though answering security question is all the option to reset Facebook password but it’s quite hard to recall the answer to those questions for the first time since sing up.

With options available like email address and phone number, there’s no need to recover facebook password without security questions. The best part is that Facebook has removed the same from recovery option list and added trusted contacts option for regaining access to FB account.